At the heart of our music is our belief that we are all
blessed by divine love.

The soul of our music is our passion to express the healing, hope, and happiness of divine love.

Our mission is to encourage, uplift, and inspire
by reminding ourselves and others that
we are all one, united in grace, and
Blessed By Love.

Since 1997, Blessed By Love have been sharing music and ministry, offering messages of peace, the inner journey, relationships, interfaith, and universal oneness.  The beauty and power of our music is in its message.  Each song serves a purpose to touch hearts, heal souls, nurture spirits, and transform lives.  Our music invites the listener to reflect, awaken to, and more fully experience their own spiritual journey and to realize that we are not alone in this journey. 


Our songs are about life.  Our songs are about love; love for God, love for Self, and love for all. It’s not that we’re experts about Love, but we are definitely seekers of Love; the perfect Love that casts out fear, the true Love that always prevails, the real Love that is unconditional.  In our music we share the lessons about Love that we’ve struggled with, as well as the humors, joys and treasures we have found hidden within the lessons.  


Each cd focuses on a different manifestation of spirituality. God "goes by many Names...There is no religious lottery, just unified spirituality." (from "Interfaith Hymn" on the "Awakening" cd) We are more alike than different. All spiritual paths lead to God, yet how many conflicts have arisen because each group of believers believed they had the one and only right answer?

When we all contribute our piece of the puzzle, our part of the answer, our thread to the tapestry, we will all awaken together to the Oneness of all Creation. God, the Alpha and the Omega, the All and the Everything, the Meaning of Love itself, has no meaning if some "win" and some "lose".



It is our hope and our prayer that our music may promote peace
in every heart and in all the world.

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